High School Programs

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High School+

Follow a customized educational plan to earn your high school diploma for $25 a quarter.

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High School Completion

Ready to complete your high school diploma through college coursework? The High School Completion program is here to help!

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High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

Take advantage of the free classes, tutoring and advising available to HEP students!

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Soar to Success

Our Open Doors partnerships can help you earn your diploma and move onto your next goal. Learn more about how our partnerships can help you!

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General Education Development

We offer low-cost GED classes to help you prepare for all four of the GED tests. Get started today!

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GED Testing

Ready to test? Learn how to take your GED exams here at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台!

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English Language Acquisition

Need to build your English language skills before you are ready to earn your diploma? We have classes to help!

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High School Academy

Ready to reengage in high school coursework in a college setting? The High School Academy innovative high school design can help accelerate you to completion.

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